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Please review my first publish below.

Hi Jason,
I enjoyed meeting with you at the Chicago Booth Fireside Chat and would like to thank you for your valuable time. My conversation with you inspired me to dream big and without a doubt, motivated me to always look at the bigger picture.
I had a great time in the District, from the candid conversations with current and past MBA students and admissions directors, to learning more about the MBA community and student experience. More importantly, I appreciated learning about the future you envision for The Washington Commanders and getting to know more about the President of my favorite football team. Your vision has reinforced my confidence in the team because I can see that they have the best influencer.
I also want to thank you for speaking about Black-leadership, and I look forward to having additional conversations with you to help me navigate this space better.
The projects that my team of 65 and I are most excited to how we can collaborate with you are:
The re-imagination of The Marlton Golf Club in Prince George’s County, Maryland
The re-imagination of the Washington Commanders with Entertainment and Media to give fans a full, 360-degree experience
With our vast knowledge and experience in Sports Operations Management and Sports Fan Engagement, we are confident that we can take your team to greater heights!
I’m thrilled to be a part of this new journey with you, and I look forward to supporting the new endeavors of The Washington Commanders with the best of my abilities.
I have copied my assistant in this email to keep her in the loop. I’d also love to schedule a follow-up conversation with you so we can dive into the specifics and begin our work together!
Please let me know a date that works best, and we can arrange the details. You may reach me through my mobile office (+1.202.630.1288), and via this email address.
Hoping to hear from you soon!
Best regards,

Need a Custom paper? Order it from one of our professional essay Writers

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